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Five Reasons to Train One-on-One With Your Coach

Training with Your Coach
From your local gym to the Biggest Loser, one of the best ways to get fit is to work one-on-one with a personal trainer.  Yet cycling does not seem, on the surface, to lend itself to this level of personal attention.  At Train With Power Coaching, however, personal cycling training is one of our core services and training directly with Coach Justin will help take your cycling to the next level of performance. While there are countless reason why training with your coach can help improve your fitness, the five reasons below are a good place to start.

Direct Feedback From Your Coach

First, there is frankly no better way to improve as a cyclist than by getting immediate feedback on your workouts, as you complete them.  From position on the bike, body language, breathing, pedaling energy, your coach can watch you ride and provide instant feedback on what you are doing and how you can improve it.  Sending a ride file, even describing the workouts, cannot replicate this immersive data stream.  Ride with your coach and the training immediately becomes more focused and more productive.

Making a Commitment to Train

Second, making a commitment to meet with your coach gives you a concrete reason to make that training session.  This is the same rational behind working with a personal trainer at the gym:  you are simply more likely to do the workout if you have made a time commitment with your trainer or coach. 

Extra Motivation to Meet Your Training Goals

Third, the motivation provided by training with someone can help you push through mental barriers and complete workouts that had previously seemed impossible.  Even more important, that motivation can urge you to that higher level of performance without taxing your mental reserves.  When you’ve got your coach riding alongside of you, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish. 

Training With Your Coach is Fun

Fourth, it is simply more fun to ride and train with other riders.  Much of the joy in cycling comes from sharing experiences on the road – a perfect climb, sharp clear days in winter, late summer heat under the trees – whatever the road or season, sharing the experience only magnifies the joy.

You Learn From Riding with a More Experienced Rider

Fifth, riding with others improves you as a cyclist.  You learn just by observing the habits of experienced riders – how they sit on the bike, when they eat and drink, what they carry with them on the ride, how the dress for the weather, when to go hard and when to recover, how to shift your weight for a corner and or pick a line on a descent.  If you are only riding by yourself, you will never get a chance to pick up these subtle details of cycling.  And even if you go on a group ride, it is often hard to pick out the details from all the chaos.  Riding one on one with your coach creates an amplified learning experience that can dramatically speed up your cycling development. 

To sum it all up? Making the commitment to train with your coach can make an enormous difference for your riding.  If you are looking to make the leap to the next level of fitness, book time with Coach Justin and start working with your very own Personal Cycling Trainer.